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Saving Honey!!!

Please consider a donation to help Honey have her life-saving surgery.


Back in February 2019 we rescued a neglected and possibly abused tiny puppy named Honey. She had some interesting cuts and abrasions, along with mange and a liver problem that was causing her to lose weight and not absorb nutrients. After a complete liver lab panel our vet diagnosed a liver shunt, and a follow up acid bile test confirmed it. Honey was immediately put on medications and a special diet. Rae Mobraaten (foster mom extraordinaire) contacted UC Davis for a specific powder needed to keep Honey healthy and allow her to absorb nutrients. So far Honey seems to be holding her own and we will probably never know the exact cause of her liver shunt, whether genetic, toxins, or even blunt force impact. 

In March Honey had an appointment with a internal specialist in Santa Barbara who suggested a CT scan to gain further information, and after several trips back and forth to Santa Barbara, she had the scan. The results were worst case scenario... she not only needs to have liver shunt surgery, but has the rarer type of intrahepatic or internal blood vessel bypass not normally seen in small breeds. Unfortunately only a handful of clinics has the equipment necessary to handle this specific surgery along with the neonatal size instruments and life-saving staff to care for a 3-1/2 lb small breed puppy.

It was suggested that the only vet hospital capable of this type of surgery is UC Davis, in northern California and their quote is $10,000. While Rae and I work to set up the transfer of records to UC Davis... we need to also fundraise for her expensive surgery. Her CT scan was $1,700 (with our 15% rescue discount) and current donations are at $7,300.00... so we need just a bit more to help this adorable little girl.


I ask all of our members to please please think of a way to help fundraise for Honey. Perhaps it's sharing our GoFundMe on your own Facebook page over and over again; sending letters to family and friends; having a private garage sale with the proceeds going towards Honey; or even a birthday party special cause for guests to donate. How about organizing a bake sale? The funding for Honey's surgery will require several fundraisers simultaneously, and organized quickly in order to reach our goal in the time she has. I will be planning a BBQ soon... but this isn't something I will be able to do all on my own, and we need help. If we can get multiple fundraisers going quickly we may be able to prevent side affect damage and escalating hospital costs in the meantime. The longer we wait the more Honey is at risk of seizures, kidney disease, build up of ammonia in her liver which will ultimately cause death.

We have raised these kind of funds in the past... Nemo needed multiple surgeries that costs over $25,000, Dover topped $20,000, and Heidi was just over $14,000. We partnered with Nicole and Annie for her service dog a bit over a year ago and raised almost $15,000. We have had a lot of help over the years to do amazing things... and we need those warriors to help out now!!

Anyone willing to help set up a fundraiser please contact me asap and let's save this little dog's life!

Please help Honey!


Fundraising $10,000 for Honey's lifesaving liver shunt surgery!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 11, 2019: After countless fundraisers we have ALMOST raised enough funds for Honey's surgery!  Surgery is scheduled at UC Davis on September 30th and we are still $800 short!!!!  


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The happiest horse in town!

When Chico was rescued, he was a mess! But thanks to the love and care of Jerry & Sheri Rawlins, he is now ready for a new home!  Watch this video and see how happy Chico is now!  If you are interested in meeting Chico to possibly offer him a forever home, please email us at:

2018 Santa Paws Links to Your Photos!


Thank you for coming out to our event!

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Saturday Photos (Dec. 8th)

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Update on Koda

Koda's adoption became final on October 1, and after 6 months of over $6,000 in vet, surgical and rehab expenses, I am happy to report that he is doing fantastic and has a forever life of fun on the ranch with Jerry & Sheri Rawlins.

Koda had his surgery and is now in daily rehab and twice a week water therapy.

Now begins the 4 months of rehabilitation - teaching Koda to walk again.

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